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UNTAMED is a social enterprise set up by Maren Freeland Maren Freeland, founder member of Landmatters co-op. It seeks to counteract modern society’s widespread “disconnection dis-ease” by offering outdoor experiences that nourish, heal and help the participants feel more alive. They will be connecting to the natural world, each other and themselves by learning natural skills and crafts and by practicing creative and reflective methods in nature. The aim is to awaken a sense of empowerment in participant which enables them to live life to a fuller potential so they can contribute and have impact.

What’s on Offer

Bursary Fund

Please donate to the bursary fund that will sponsor places for people on low incomes here.
We’d love this work to be accessible to people for whom it would be challenging to raise the finance involved. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

Where to find us


Landmatters Allaleigh, Blackawton
Totnes, TQ9 7DL



(+44)07906 399990