“Catkins” – Children’s program

Weekly nature-based experiential learning program based on "Art of Mentoring"/ 8 shields (Jon Young), Deep Nature connection and Permaculture for children.

Flow learning cycles of games, focused learning and reflection, nature immersion, practical nature-based skills and crafts and child-led time to be with what arises!

Fridays, 10.30-2.30, bring packed lunch.

Price: £15.00
First session payable on the day, then commit to a half term of sessionss, payable in advance.

Limited places. Booking Essential!
From the age of 8.

email: marenfreeland@gmail.com
or ring 07906 399990

The health benefits of connecting children and nature have been well evidenced in recent studies and reports. Make sure your children get enough Vitam N(ature)!

We will be outdoors for most of the day so we need the children to have waterproof coats, trousers and wellies as well as warm layers.
We do have cosy indoor options with wood burning stoves, should the weather be too off-putting!

"It has been very special to run Catkins children's group here at Landmatters for the last year. I love the connections we make with each other, and the trust and relationships we build. We don't have many rules, but our ground rules are to look after ourselves, each other and the land. The children are making ongoing connections with the land, and my impression is that they are developing a sense of belonging to this place and with that a sense of confidence and rootedness: “here is where we built a den!”, “there is where I modelled my clay tree spirit onto the bark”, “this birch tree we tapped for sap”, “inside this oak tree we found the wild bees comb”, “here is one of my sit spots”. “Our” camp in the woods, “our” area by the stream... we've connected with so many corners of the land, even I have spent time in places I wouldn't have otherwise! We meet continuously throughout the seasons and appreciate and acknowledge the changes in nature. It's great fun to reap the harvest of what is available at the time of year – autumn leaves wax candles, holly christmas wreaths, cleavers juice, birch sap drinks, elderflower cordial etc. At the same time we learn to keep ourselves safe outdoors, learning to make fires, handle tools, know our local hazards. But what is my favourite learning is to keep coming back into all our senses: owl eyes, deer ears, dog nose etc. I think these are such simple, yet powerful habits to cultivate, they help to bring us back into the present moment and into our bodies, which, in my mind, is especially important in today's screen and technology saturated world."
Maren Freeland