Mentorship program for women

This program will begin on 9th Feburary 2019

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I will gift you a complimentary discovery session!

This is an offer to women who want to go deeper and be part of an ongoing closed group as well as get one-to-one support in their transition to a more empowered self.

Inspired by:
– the magic that happens when women come together
– the power of reconnecting with nature and
– the possibility of transformation when we uncover our innate wisdom

This is for you if you wish to:

– rediscover your ground and come home to who you truly are
– come out of isolation and into supportive relationships
– integrate into your life what nourishes and fulfills you
– release emotional blocks and free up stuck energy
– gain clarity and strength for what to do next with your one wild precious life

Reclaim your UNTAMED SELF, let conditioning fall away and allow yourself time and space to be!

You’ll receive:

• 4 x day events on Saturdays, 10.30-4.30

• 3x women’s circle: temple time Friday evenings, 6.30-9.30pm

• 3 x one-to-one coaching sessions,
(ideally in person but possible over phone/ internet, 1 hour, but allow an extra hour to extend the session if needed, as well as time to follow up the session with reflection time to deepen your connection with yourself/ nature).

• ceremony/ ritual weekend that marks the transition to a more empowered self (we plan and create this together, date involves a sleep over)

• sister’s peer-to-peer support

• access to private email forum to connect in between meetings

• tools and practices that serve to deepen your connection with self, nature and others

• your very own ceremony/ ritual that marks your transition to a more empowered self!! (involves a sleep over in May)

Location of all events is the beautiful countryside at
Landmatters Permaculture community, near Totnes (TQ9 7DL).

If people from further afield need to stay over, there is some onsite AirBnB accomodation.

Here’s what previous participants said:

“I have a feeling of deep gratitude that I was able to be there. The course opened up some much needed spaces in my life over a period of three months. Some of the activities; sitting in a circle around a fire, singing, walking in the woods, being outside for a whole day, were things which I felt a longing for and were missing from my life. I felt a feeling of closeness and trust growing over the time that we spent together with the other women and also with the place.
Alongside this sense of place and the encouraging voices of Maren and the other women I felt gently held, strengthened enough to drop more, enabled to connect with the ground beneath my feet and allowed to ‘be myself in the world.’”

“I feel honoured to have taken part and that the experience is one of the most beautiful and memorable in my life. It was so moving to share such depths of vulnerability and strength with other women.”

“The ceremony weekend – I won’t forget any of it in a hurry. That luscious last day – the sun shone for us and it was incredible!”

“Mostly, it was just a fairytale, and I will cherish it forever. I loved how sensual it was. Sensual and magical and full of power.”

“I can honestly say that the whole experience was incredibly profound for me and wonderfully grounding. It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed and I was surprised to discover a deep ‘something’ (often hard to describe), best explained as a profound and gentle confidence in the (dare I say it) power of women/the feminine. A regained confidence in trusting how I see and experience the world. Perhaps these things I previously intellectually knew were true yet now I felt it too. Powerful magic indeed!”

Program facilitators:
Maren Freeland’s facilitation is influenced by The Work That Reconnects (Joanna Macy), Deep Nature Connection teachings (Jon Young), and the work of exploring the cultivation of the authentic empowered feminine.

“I think this will be an amazing experience, and I recommend it to all my women friends and family. Maren Freeland is a fabulous facilitator and group leader, and she has a strong connection to the spirit of the land and the wild.”
Penny McLellan, Way of Council guide

Rooh Star is a singer/ song writer and has been part of many Women’s programs in the past. She has lived close to the earth for the last 20 years and has dedicated her life to the path of the heart:
“I’m learning to meet and greet my shadow and speak from the heart. There’s much more to learn, habits to change, inner and outer, but this is my dance, my love affair with life, the earth and the elements. For the land is my teacher, my healer, my therapy, my doorway to spirit and my home. Part of my journey of homecoming to myself and the land has been to gather in circle with others. To dance, share, cry and celebrate, to bear witness to each other’s stories, to our struggles our passions and our truths. There’s power in the circle.”

Commitment to engage in a 3.5 months process, willingness to dedicate some time in your life to connect with self, each other and nature.
We’ll be meeting with the same group of women to strengthen our bonds.

A commitment of 3.5 months is required (Feb-April/ May).

Sliding scale: 3 monthly payments of of £155 – £195 (you decide where to place yourself on this scale)

Paying in installments over a longer period of time can be arranged, do get in touch.

To sample a taste of this work you could book on to one of the Earth Connection events coming up: