Women Going Elemental

"Women going Elemental": Retreats

Nature-based experiences for women who want to take time out of the stresses and strains of daily life. These events offer time and space to relax, and recalibrate to your purpose in life. Connect with self, other women and nature, whilst having fun and adventure and learning practical outdoors skills. Feeling alive and supported, you gain strength and courage to reclaim your full potential
– to reclaim your untamed selves!

Weekend Retreats

Dates for 2018 t.b.c.
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Fri 6pm – Sun 4pm, price £195
Homegrown, organic, local food and shared bell tent accommodation included!

Women of all backgrounds and ages are invited to spend weekends in beautiful natural countryside surroundings. A space to connect – with nature, self and other women (group size won’t exceed 12 participants). A cosy base camp with shared sleeping quarters will already be set up (bedding provided). From here the fun and adventure can begin: playing in the elements and venturing into the wild... Time to reclaim your untamed selves - uncover your true potential, feel connected, supported and alive! We’ll be skilling up in elemental crafts such as fire-making, shelter-building and foraging, as well as using environmental art to express ourselves creatively. Further reflective time takes place within a group setting so we can share with each other and build supportive relationships. All is welcome here – a safely held space to free deeply held emotions and to be celebrated for who you are and all that you bring.

Here's what previous retreat participants said:

“I would say that is has been one of the most relaxing and uplifting experiences I’ve had”

“I can honestly say that the whole experience was incredibly profound for me and wonderfully grounding. It was exactly what I didn't know I needed. Powerful magic indeed!”

“I learned more about myself, my connection to this world, to nature, to all people, to love”

“Wild, free, well held. Really observing the whole of our nature in an uncensored “untamed” way. Allowing the wild, wicked and passionate feminine.”

“Just absolutely wonderful time. Lovely people, so well organized, nourishing, relaxing, wonderful weather, camping – very comfortable.”